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Maggie Anton

explore the Jewish folk customs that explain Jewish medieval superstition

at the home Debbie & Jeff Margolis in Corona del Mar

Jerry Binder, Ph.D.

discover who brought us everything from the Maidenform bra to the polio vaccine

at the home of Brigitte & Craig Frankel in Santa Ana

Aaron Burke, Ph.D.

virtually explore a Hellenistic villa occupied by a wealthy Jewish family in 300 B.C.E.

at the home of  Phil Waldman & Teri Alpert in Nellie Gale

Erwin Chemerinsky

contemplate the future of the Supreme Court and its influence on religion in America

at Chemers Gallery in Tustin

Nonie Darwish

follow her extraordinary story from being taught to hate Jews in school, to ardent supporter of Israel

at the Kosher home of Cindy & Michael Furst in Shady Canyon

Carol V. Davis, Ph.D.

transport yourself to the streets of St. Petersburg through the observant eyes of poetry and verse

at the Kosher home of Symone & Michael Sass in Irvine

Rabbi Elliot Dorff

explore how Jewish law and ethics can be the basis for resolving medical dilemmas

at the Kosher home of Rabbi Dennis & Sima Linson in Irvine

George Giacumakis, Ph.D.

ponder the future success of a secure and lasting peace for Israel and her neighbors

at the home of Harriet & Mark Lehman in Irvine

Brion Jeannette

tour the works of the great Jewish architects, their designs and their influence

at the Kosher home of Sue Ann & Mark Cross in Corona del Mar

Robert Kline

be mesmerized by the fascinating stories of how the Warner brothers, Samuel Goldwyn,

Louis B. Meyer and others contributed to the fledgling Hollywood Movie Industry

at the home of Sharon & Mark Berman in Newport Coast

Michael Meyer, Ph.D.

listen to the music of Jewish composers long ago lost in Nazi Germany

at the home of Eileen & Vic Penan in Corona del Mar

Gina Nahai

explore the complexities of the Mizrachi Iranian culture and America

at the Kosher home of Alison & Howard Hyman in Shady Canyon

Victor Raphael

nourish your soul with the imagery of stars, novas and galaxies; the outer-most to the inner-most

at the home of Anita & Stan Mishook in Newport Beach

Rabbi David Teutsch

get the Jewish perspective on the economic crisis, something you won’t find on CNN

at the home of Francine & Ron Morrison in Quail Hill


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