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Marbeh Torah, marbeh haim…the more Jewish learning, the more Jewish life," our sages declared centuries ago. Their advice is as sound today as it was then.

A 1992 U.S. Jewish population study by the National Council of Jewish Federations affirmed that, "Jewish education is one of the most effective tools for producing Jewishly identified adults.

Ever since our formation as a department of the Jewish Federation of Orange County 26 years ago and incorporation as an independent agency in 1982, the Bureau of Jewish Education had been committed to one goal: ensuring the continuity and quality of Jewish life in our community through the nurturing and promotion of Jewish education.

As a resource for Jewish education, the Bureau also provides congregations, schools and organizations throughout the county with an array of programs and services they could not realize individually.

We invite you to partake of these rewarding opportunities so that, together, we may ensure a truly JEWISH future for our community.

  • Read Ida Marks-Meltzer (our founding executive director) for more information about the Bureau "From Birth to Bar Mitzvah".
  • Meet the staff of the Bureau of Jewish Education!


  • Meet our Board of Directors!

    Our every endeavor is guided by our philosophy: "The more Jewish learning, the more Jewish life."



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Bureau of Jewish Education of Orange County
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